FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Q. What is your free shipping policy?

A. Portes Polaires offers a free and reliable delivery service within a 500 km radius from Cowansville, Quebec, Canada.

Q. Can I install an electric door after I’ve already installed my car shelter?

A. Yes. Les Portes Polaires remote-controlled electric doors are designed to be installed at any time.


Q. Can this electric door be installed on any model of car shelter?

A. Our remote-controlled electric door can be installed on most temporary car shelters. If you’re not sure about your own shelter, please call us at 450-534-3859.


Q. How much does it cost to install a remote-controlled electric door?

A. It isn’t easy to quote a price before we know what you really need. Are you changing the door you have now, or installing one for the first time? Does your old door have to be removed? Will you need extra accessories with your electric door?

Please feel free to contact one of our authorized installers for a free estimate.


Q. What sort of upkeep does my electric door need?

A. Every year, check your electric door at the start of the season. Make sure it opens and shuts completely.

During the winter season, periodically check the tension of the fabric, anchors and bolts. Close the doors at the ends. This will reduce the risk of possible damage caused by wind.

In the spring, make sure the fabric is dry before you store it away. Remove any dirt that has accumulated during the winter. Store your door fabric in a dry place, away from direct sunlight. Keep the battery plugged in year-round to maintain its full capacity.


Q. What about upkeep for the plastic rails?

A. When you install your door at the start of the season, lubricate the plastic rails with a silicone-based lubricant (like Gig-A-Loo). Lubricate again from time to time, as needed, throughout the winter.


Q. How secure is your website?

A. We can guarantee that when you use our online order system, all information regarding your credit card is protected. We use PayPal secure transaction service to transmit this information online. For more information, please visit the PayPal website.


Q. What happens if there’s a power failure?

A. In case of a power failure, the battery takes over. Your battery can run for up to 5 days, provided that you keep it fully charged all year-round.


Q. Where can I find the installation guide?

A. You’ll find the video installation guide on our website.


Q. Can I match the colour of my door with the colour of my car shelter?

A. Our doors are made in opaque white fabric only.


Q. Can you customize doors to fit special sizes?

A. We can usually evaluate and quote on non-standard door sizes. To discuss your special home or business needs, please contact us at 450-534-3859.